The first mini album “Replay”

2.In my room
4.Love should go on
5.Replay (Boom Track)


The first album “SHINee World”

1.The shinee world
2.Love’s way
3.Love like oxygen
5.One for me
7.Last gift
8.Best place
9.Y si fuera ella
10.Four Seasons
11.In my room (remix)


The first album (repackgae) A.mi.go

2.Forever or never
3.Love like oxygen
4.Love should go on (remix)
6.Love’s way
7.One for me
9.Last gift
10.Best place
11.Four seasons
12.Y si fuera ella
13.In my room (remix)
14.The shinee world

Romeo (2nd Mini Album)

1. Talk To You

2. Juliette

3. Hit Me Baby

4. Senorita

5. Please, Don’t Go

6. Romeo + Juliette


Year of us Y.O.U (3rd Mini Album)

 1. Y.O.U

2. Ring Ding Dong

3. JoJo

4. Get Down

5. SHINee Girl

6. The Name I Loved


The Second album “Lucifer”

1. Up & Down

2. Lucifer

3. Electric Heart

4. A-Yo

5. Obsession

6. Quasimodo

7. Shout Out

8. Wowowow

9. Your Name

10. Life

11. Ready Or Not

12. Love Pain

13. Love Still Goes On


The second album (Repackage) “Hello”

1. Lucifer

2. Hello

3. One

4. Get It

5. UP & DOWN

6. Electric Heart

7. A-Yo

8. Obsession

9. Quasimodo

10. Shout Out


12. Your Name

13. Life

14. Ready or Not

15. Love Pain

16. Love Still Goes On


Debut Japan Single +  『THE FIRST』  Japan Album

1.LUCIFER (Japanesse version)
2.Amigo (Japanesse version)
3.JULIETTE (Japanesse version)
5.To Your Heart
6.Always Love
7.Replay –君は僕のeverything- (Japanesse version)
9.Love Like Oxygen (Japanesse version)
10.Hello (Japanesse version)
11.The SHINee World (Japanesse version)
13.Stranger [Bonus Track]

14. Kiss Kiss Kiss (Track of Single Juliette Japan)


4th Mini Album “SHERLOCK”

1. Sherlock
2. Clue
3. Note
4. The Reason
5. 알람시계 (Alarm Clock)
6. 낯선자 (Stranger korean version)
7. 늘 그자리에 (Honesty)


SHERLOCK Japan Album

1. Sherlock Japan version

2. Keeping Love Again

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