[SCANS & TRANS] 121210 Jonghyun Key – JILLE Magazine January 2013 Edition

SHINee World Indonesia


Interview Translation

P-COAT – Pea coat + shirt coordination will give an effect of a punch in details
Jonghyun and Key, who are known for being close in their daily life made their appearance for the second volume!
Both of them who are highly interested in fashion talked about pea coats which are the theme for this month, and also talked about girls’ fashion.

We both speak openly, that’s why we can understand each other.
Jonghyun: People always think that I’m a cold person when meeting me for the first time because I’m shy with strangers. Then the impression will change as we get along together.
Key: Yup, exactly. I thought so too because you didn’t talk much. I’ve been told that I look scary, but on the other hand I was also told that I look like a very cheerful person. Who would…

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