New Update! IU’s Facts~

  • IU was born on May 16, 1993
  • IU’s Religion : Christian
  • IU debuted on a Korean music program called M! Countdown on September 18, 2008
  • IU’s Height: 165 cm / approx 5’5″ (IU said that she is actually around 161cm)
  • IU’s Weight: 47 kg / approx 103.6 lbs
  • IU’s Hobbies: Reading,Writing diary, writing lyrics, playing computer
  • IU’s blood type : A
  • IU’s School: Dongduk Women’s High School
  • IU’s Favourite Star: Gummy, Ha Dong Kyun, Taeyang
  • IU’s Ideal Type: Yoo Ah In,Yoo Seung Hoo
  • IU’s Favourite Actor: Kang Ji Hwan,Han Ji Min
  • IU’s Favourite Book : Someday I died
  • IU’s Favourite film : Once
  • IU’s Favourite food : Raw Fish + Sweet Potato
  • IU’s Memorable Place : her training room
  • IU’s Favourite Day / Season / Weather : Monday / Winter / Cool
  • IU’s Favourite Song : Old Love,Ugly Duckling,Officially Missing You
  • IU’s Ideal Type : Someone who has pretty smile
  • IU’s Likeable friendtype : Anyone who is genuine and not boring
  • IU’s Person who like to see most : Person who is easy going
  • Biggest lie in IU’s life : Spare all the pocket money in a day and pretend to lose it, which afterwards given again by IU’s dad
  • Type of house IU lives in : A home where its full of lovable people
  • IU’s Life Motto : Never give up !!!
  • IU’s Future plan : Study hard and becomes a singer who is beautiful and becomes a great example for her fans
  • IU’s Favourite TV Program : Yoon Dohyun’s Love Letter
  • IU’s Cellphone Ringtone : “Syoong syoong Date”
  • IU’s Promise to the fans : Please continue to watch over me and everyone will be surely impressed to the max!!!
  • #IUfacts When IU just started her Marshmallow activities, Luna gave her a small slip of paper, said “how about we become close?”
  • #IUfacts IU bought a car for her dad from her first income
  • #IUfacts IU thinks that when she talks her voice is still a bit husky
  • #IUfacts IU was a trainee for 10 months. She thought that it was too short but her company trusted her a lot that’s why IU debuted quickly
  • #IUfacts IU didn’t pass for about 20 auditions including JYP Ent. But, once Park Jin Young said that he’s dissapointed with his decision
  • #IUfacts When she was a part of Good Entertainment, she was supposed to debut as ‘5 girls’ together with G.NA, After School’s Uee, Wonder Girl’s Yubin, 4 Minute’s Heo Gayoon, and Secret’s Hyosung
  • #IUfacts While making tho OST for Dream High, Park Jinyoung(President Company of JYPE) gave her the song ‘Someday’
  • #IUfacts During her trainee life, IU had a lot of free time in her room she practiced her guitar as well as her singing.
  • #IUfacts IU didn’t get a separate lesson to play the guitar, she learned guitar by watching others so she’s lacking a lot of the basics.
  • #IUfacts Beside guitar, IU played the piano for a while but since she didn’t play it for a while she got rusty
  • #IUfacts Recently her fans sent her a piano as a present so she’s trying to learn piano again now
  • #IUfacts IU loved singing ever since she was a little kid and when in elementary school being an idol was one of the things she wrote for future job
  • #IUfacts IU was in 7th grade when she officially wanted to become a singer.
  • #IUfacts IU loved the feeling that she got from singing in front of her school. It was then that she knew she should become a singer
  • #IUfacts The company gave her name, IU which has the meaning ‘You’ and ‘I’ will become one through music
  • #IUfacts ‘I liked a lot of people. I liked my friends, oppas, this person, that person but I still don’t know what love is.’ -IU
  • #IUfacts IU’s brother said he was getting stressed out from his friends asking him to get IU’s autograph and phone number. After changing schools he said he won’t tell others that he’s IU’s little brother but IU felt bad
  • #IUfacts IU’s little brother acted like a girl while IU was fooling around so people always said their personality must have been switched.
  • #IUfacts IU has the same stubbornness like Dream High’s Kim Pilsook
  • #IUfacts IU really likes Suzy. IU thinks she’s the prettiest out of all the singers. If IU was born again she wish she could look like that
  • #IUfacts IU was interested in Suzy from the start but IU was afraid to talk to her. She didn’t know how to talk to suzy bcs Suzy is 1 year younger
  • #IUfacts Suzy kept on telling to IU stop talking so formally but IU kept on using formal words.
  • #IUfacts IU’s parents were against the kissing scene on Dream High so IU had to follow what they said
  • #IUfacts IU said that filming Dream High was really fun, she would do it again if she got another offer
  • #IUfacts During filming ‘Dream High’ IU and Wooyoung read the script together since most of IU’s scenes were with Wooyoung
  • #IUfacts IU was really interested in Baekhee’s role. She said it would be so much fun if she took this role
  • #IUfacts IU would like to get a driver’s license when she turns 20
  • #IUfacts IU’s mum says she’ll just cause accidents and doesn’t want IU to drive
  • #IUfacts IU doesn’t really like blind dates
  • #IUfacts IU likes melancholy songs. ‘A Story Only I Didn’t Know’ is close to her type of song
  • #IUfacts IU is afraid of the popularity, she thinks that popularity can bring someone up or down
  • #IUfacts IU is the type that hates shopping. She only take pocket money when need it, sometimes IU doesn’t even use 10 won in a month
  • #IUfacts Even in winter, IU just go out wearing two t-shirts
  • #IUfacts IU has an interest in composing, writing lyrics and even books too.
  • #IUfacts During Elementary school IU was the Class President and during middle school IU was ranked 1st/2nd place in her class
  • #IUfacts IU usually went to the auditions by herself, with her friends or with her cousins
  • #IUfacts IU donated all the money from her first fan meeting
  • #IUfacts IU was happy that she was able to have an opportunity to appear as a special guest for Corinne Bailey Rae’s concert
  • #IUfacts SNSD’s Yoona recommends IU’s “You and I” to a fan
  • #IUfacts On the day kids took their college entrance exam, IU went to her album jacket photoshoot. IU decided to follow her dreams
  • #IUfacts While making the lyric of 4AM for a week IU woke up at 4AM to write down how she felt during that time
  • #IUfacts Instead of songs like ‘I feel like I’m going to die’ and ‘I’m going to go crazy’, IU likes a calm song about daily life
  • #IUfacts Things IU tries to fix : IU’s timid character
  • #IUfacts IU once appeared in “Elle Girl” (Korea) Magazine
  • #IUfacts IU confessed that she calls Suzy out in the middle of the night, and they get in a cab without a specific destination to simply enjoy their freedom
  • #IUfacts On MBC Shim Shim Tapa IU once hand-feeds a male fan
  • #IUfacts In “Heroes” IU was the first one to choose to be in the “not so popular” team
  • #IUfacts IU was the person that netizens wanted to appear the most in “Heroes”
  • #IUfacts IU wants to record a song together with her fans
  • #IUfacts Once SNSD’s Taeyeon shouted and congratulated IU for winning Music Bank K-Chart
  • #IUfacts IU’s best friend, “Luna” surprised IU by coming to IU’s 1000th day fanmeeting
  • #IUfacts When IU was younger,she lived separately from her parents because they were so impoverished
  • #IUfacts IU wants to see a movie with her fans
  • #IUfacts IU’s nickname is “Bong Suhee” which came about because of her resemblance to comedian Shin Bongsun
  • #IUfacts IU is really popular amongst the soldiers
  • #IUfacts IU would like to sing Tim’s “Lullaby” to say goodnight to his future boyfriend
  • #IUfacts IU used to live with her grandmother, a cousin, and her younger brother for a year and a half in a studio room
  • #IUfacts Because of the poor conditions of her home, IU confessed that she liked spending time at the rehearsal room than her own home
  • #IUfacts IU had even been tricked into being involved in fraudulent activities
  • #IUfacts IU were barely able to live by on money her grandmother made from selling small hair accessories at the market.
  • #IUfacts IU has experience with ghosts
  • #IUfacts IU used to live in LOEN’s dorm but then she’s back to live in her house after she was annoyed by ghosts
  • #IUfacts IU said she was cold and never smile to LOEN’s staff during her debut days
  • #IUfacts iu isn’t attracted to good looking men
  • #IUfacts iU wants to drink and go clubing when she becomes 20
  • #IUfacts IU received a fancy bracelet from Lee SeungGi
  • #IUfacts IU’s sick of dating, she prefers to get married quickly
  • #IUfacts IU’s cousin said that IU loves to do “sexy dance” in the karaoke room
  • #IUfacts IU’s brother was ashamed to admit he was related to her
  • #IUfacts when IU came out on TV and try to act cute, IU’s brother was embarrassed and refused to tell people about her
  • #IUfacts IU once was called “pig” by a boygroup’s fans, she said that she wanted to cry at that time
  • #IUfacts IU doesn’t think her body is attractive. She’s jealous of those who look good in skinny jeans because they have a pretty waistline
  • #IUfacts IU likes to eat fresh liver
  • #IUfacts In her Last Fantasy album, IU thanked “dung-dung” (Dung-dung is actually MBLAQ’s Thunder *real name: Cheon Dung*)
  • #IUfacts IU felt embarrassed a little when she watchs the commercials that she is in
  • #IUfacts IU thinks Galaxy S2 CF and SKT CF which she duetted with late Kwang-seok Kim singer is the best one
  • #IUfacts IU recommends 5 songs to her fans: Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper Song, Adele’s Someone Like You, John Mayer’s I Don’t Trust Myself, A Fine Frenzy’s Electric Twist and Kings of Convenience’s Cayman Islands
  • #IUfacts IU thinks her music life is just like 12:00 PM now, because its lunch time, so active
  • #IUfacts IU once held a concert in a bus!
  • #IUfacts IU gave all her classmates necklaces
  • #IUfacts IU and Yoo Inna once had a 10minutes-talking-phone-conversation
  • #IUfacts IU warming up her vocal cords by eat a cup of ramen really quickly.
  • #IUfacts IU asked Yoo Inna to buy her a real-estate as her garduation day’s present
  • #IUfacts IU was chosen as the ambassador for the national police agency
  • #IUfacts IU’s grandmother is Buddhist
  • #IUfacts IU’s fancafe name is U-Ana which means You Love Me
  • #IUfacts IU also gave her classmates rice cakes and snacks on their graduation day
  • #IUfacts IU gave those gifts to her friends because she wanted to express her heartfelt gratitude towards them
  • #IUfacts When asked, who does she like the most as bestfriend? Suzy or Jiyeon and IU answered “Sujiyeon”
  • #IUfacst IU said that she likes to eat mochi because it’s round and soft (lol what?)
  • #IUfacts In a show IU answered that she’s closer to 2AM oppas compared to 2PM oppas
  • #IUfacts IU finally got Twitter! ^^ –> @lily199iu
  • #IUfacts IU teased Suzy that she wouldn’t follow Suzy back on Twitter and then Suzy quickly mentioned her, “I need to unfollow you”
  • #IUfacts IU sang in Cho PD’s wedding ceremony
  • #IU Facts – she doesn’t like to smile when she’s in Loen Building! At first everyone wonder why she’s like that! but now the company like that side of her!
  • #IU Facts – she once seen a signboard on the fans said ” .. Kim Hyojin ( IU backup dancer) is better than IU!”
  • #IU Facts – on her debut day, she choose Shinee as her favorite idol singer!! (SHINee-IU moments)
  • #IU Facts – she has 2 manager when she debut, one of them is a girl and another one is an oppa. but he worked for about a day and quit!
  • #IU Facts – she is embarrassed when everyone chanting for Kara and SNSD when she performed.  * she said this while she is riding home with her manager, saying “i’m IU! i’m IU! why they said that unnie? I’m IU!!”
  • #IU Facts – she didn’t like watching a movie or do anything just between 2 person wil do, even with her fans! * this is said by IU in silence when one of her fans won some contest and have the chance to watch movie with IU. maybe she felt weird at that time~
  • #IU Facts – she likes to play with the camera (i mean the real one, the one used for variety show!) when nobody watching! she likes to record other people instead of herself, she even willing to record the cameraman!
  • #IU Facts – she will “spit” or “drool” while laughing if she is laughing about something that she feel rather shamed about, or in other words, she kinda like dont want to talk about it~
  • #IU Facts – the first aegyo she learn is the “scissor hand pose” that is learned from Kim Hyojin , the lead dancer~
  • #IU Facts – she once wear a different t-shirt but at the same haircut on a certain day. but then a fans comment on that picture, “i see you twiced today, do you change your clothes?”
  • #IU Facts – some idols have once asked IU to give her manager’s phone number to them~

last update : August, 2012

Credit : Khema , IUheartforever @ WHI || Repost here by LIDERONYU



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