IU Me2day Live Chat!

kyaaaaaaaa.. setelah shinee ngadain chat live di me2day, kini giliran IU! huhu sayang banget dikeduanya aku gabisa ikutan buat jadi 10 orang yang beruntung. kalo di chat shinee sebelumnya nemuin beberapa fact yang bikin shawols envy sama 10 fan yang beruntung, sekarang me2day chat with IU, dia melakukan banyak fantalk dengan ramahnya dan ada yang buat aku seneng banget. pertama, IU nyebutin Indonesia dan katanya dia juga ingin berkunjung ke beberapa negara termasuk Indonesia. dan kedua, kyaaaa.. SHINee-IU moments! ternyata waktu jjong tweeting tentang lagu baru IU ‘peach’, IU baca mention dia! tapi kenapa gak dibales dan saling follow -_-

Nah dibawah ini aku nemu screencap dari Chat IU tsb termasuk translatenya…

IU: Hello~?

Fan: Congratulations on your album release
IU: Thank you~

IU: Have you guys eaten?
Fan: I was waiting so I haven’t eaten yet, what about you?
IU: Yes~ I’ve eaten~!!
Fan: What did you have?
IU: Bulgogi and tofu stew and beancurd stew!

Fan: It’s my dongsaeng’s birthday tomorrow, please wish him a happy birthday~!!!!
IU: keke help me wish him a happy birthday then~

Fan: Unni~ Out of all your songs, what song do you like best?.?
IU: I like ‘Raindrop’~
IU: It rained today, so do listen to it!

Fan: It’s Teachers’ Day tomorrow, do you have any plans?
IU: I’m performing at a university festival tomorrow.

Fan: You seem to be working really hard to learn Japanese.
IU: I’m having fun learning Japanese keke
IU: since my teacher is interesting.

Fan: Which uni?
IU: Daejin Uni!

Fan: Was Japan fun? ^^
IU: My Japanese promotions were fun~

Fan: Now that your new album is out, you’ll be promoting in Korea right?
IU: I’m not having album promotions in Korea.
IU: I’m in the midst of preparing for my concert~

Fan: Are you going to promote both side by side??
IU: You mean in both Korea and Japan?
IU: Yes, side by side!

Fan: Kkyak when is your concert?
IU: Starting from June 2nd, I’ll be holding a nationwide concert tour~

Fan: Then what about in Indonesia?.? Because my friend lives in Indonesia and she’s a really big fanㅠㅠ
IU: If given the opportunity, I want to perform in various countries and I want to visit Indonesia as well~ I receive a lot of tweets from Indonesian fans on twitter too!

Fan: June 2nd is my birthday, remember to wish me a happy birthday kekeke
IU: Come to my concert venue keke I’ll remember to wish you.

Fan: Any plans for a new album within this year..? heh
IU: The plans are always there.. keke

IU: It’s a pity my English is still not good enough.. keke (SHINee said it too when me2day chat live! i mean both are not good in english kekeke)

Fan: You play the guitar really well, when did you start learning it??
IU: 3rd year of middle school!

Fan: Do you like jjajangmyeon?
IU: Jjajangmyeon tastes good I guess keke

Fan: Unni, I want to become a singer, if I do we’ll definitely get to meet right? heh
IU: If you become a singer, let me know.

Fan: When you play the guitar, have you had a ‘slump’ before? [Note: Konglish… what does this mean? a lousy period?]
IU: Rather than a ‘slump’ period, the guitar has always been a challenge to me,, keke

IU: Oh it’s suddenly lagging keke

Fan: If I work at LOEN, would I be able to meet IU?
IU: If you work at LOEN, I guess you would be able to meet me.

IU: My MV was done in the style of a fake documentary keke half of it are my sincere thoughts and the other half are lies.

Fan: Do the 3-level high note here in the chatroom keke
IU: 3-level high note kekeke I’m shackled to it for lie kekeke (Note: She means people will always associate her with the 3-level high note)

IU: Ah it’s really just lagging, I don’t even know what I should reply to keke

Fan: Mia is really good ㅠㅠ
IU: It’s been awhile since I performed Mia at a concert keke

Fan: Unni, did you see Jonghyun’s tweet? (Note: SHINee’s Jonghyun tweeted spazzed about IU’s ‘Peach’)
IU: Yes, I saw it~ keke

Fan: Where did you enjoy filming the most for your MV~?? I want to go there to play hehe
IU: Burano was really pretty~

Fan: I want to go for your concert ㅜㅜ Are the tickets all sold out at the other cities (besides Seoul) too?
IU: Ticketing is still going on~

Fan: I personally really like ‘Last Fantasy’ heh it seems to have a musical feel to it.
IU: My rhythmic sense is terrible though keke

Fan: Is there any fan you can remember?.?
IU: My fans are all really full of charm and character keke so all the more the really quiet and shy ones are more memorable keke

Fan: I think it would be good if IU gets into a relationship.
IU: Oh then I should start looking for someone.

IU: I used to perform for the army guys quite often, but nowadays I don’t seem to have the opportunity to do so anymore~ keke

Fan: I’m curious about how the 10 fans were chosen for this chat session.
IU: The 10 people were chosen by me2day staff.

IU: Please use me2day often~ keke (Note: LOL me2day advertisement)
Fan: Jieun too keke please use it often ke
IU: keke yes I will

Fan: How did you get inspiration for your self-composed song?
IU: For ‘Peach’… Umm I just wanted to write a love song.
IU: Since it’s spring~ keke

Fan: Is it true that you thought about Sulli as you composet the song? kekeke
IU: Yes~ I thought of Sulli from a male perspective as I wrote the lyrics keke

Fan: How long did it take for you to compose ‘Peach’? kekeke
IU: Writing the lyrics and doing the song arrangement took me about 2 weeks.

Fan: Unni, what puts you in a good mood~??
IU: Um… when my song is good~?

Fan: Yesterday you looked a bit tired on Inkigayo ㅠㅠㅠ pity
IU: Me yesterday? keke That’s weird.. I was really excited yesterday though.

Fan: How much do you practise a day??
IU: Recently, I’m preparing for my concert, so I’m practising more~
IU: I just practise until I’m exhausted. Nowadays~ I’m playing around as I practise though ^^

Fan: Do you have any tips for singing the 3-level high note?
IU: Just standing on the stage gives one a lot of stress, I wonder how I sing it… the 3-level high note I mean keke

Fan: What do you do when you play usually?
IU: Usually, I just~ sleep quite a lot~ keke I meet my friends often too!

Fan: Are you performing at Daejin Uni?
IU: Yes, that’s right!
IU: The school invited us keke

Fan: Unni, before you debuted, who were you a fan of??
IU: I was a fan of G.O.D~!

Fan: When you go for karaoke, do you sing your own songs? kekeke Do you have time to go for karaoke…
IU: Karaoke.. It’s been awhile since I went to one keke

Fan: What song (by G.O.D) did you like?
IU: I liked all their songs and there wasn’t a single song I didn’t know keke

Fan: What’s your schedule like after this chatting session?
IU: After chatting, I’ll probably be practising some more.

Fan: If Jieun puts her own song as her calling ringtone, does she have to pay?? [Note: This is the music that plays for people who call you, as they wait for you to pick up your phone]
IU: kekeke Of course I do.
IU: But I’ve never set a caller ringtone before keke.

Fan: God blah blah blah…
IU: The fans are kind of sensitive about this.. if you call them ‘God’, the fans are kind of sensitive about it.
IU: It’s ‘god’.
IU: In small letters
IU: god.

Fan: What’s your phone wallpaper?
IU: kekeke my phone wallpaper is and IU photo keke

Fan: I can’t do it in capital letters?? kekekekekekekeke
IU: You can’t.
Fan: IU

(picture & translate credit squshyblob @ weheartiu forum)


6 pemikiran pada “IU Me2day Live Chat!

    • Fan: Mia is really good ㅠㅠ
      IU: It’s been awhile since I performed Mia at a concert keke

      mia itu jdul lagu ya?? hahahaha
      aku kira nama org.. abisnya ada ID fans yg ikut chat itu jg mia

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