[LYRICS] The Night of the First Breakup – IU

meonghani amu ildo hal iri eobseo
ige ibyeorin geoni
jeonhwagi gadeuk chan neowaui mesijiman hancham ilkda ilkda

neoui moksori machi deullin geot gata
juwireul dulleobomyeon
nae bangen ontong neowaui chueoktuseongi ijeya nunmuri

* sugohaesseo sarang gosaenghaetji naui sarang
uri ibyeoreul gominhaetdeon bam
seororeul wihan ibyeorirago saranghaetdan neoui mareul mideulge
hoksi neomu gunggeumhae
hoksi neomu geuriumyeon kkok han beonman bogiro hae

neoui dwitmoseup sarajil ttaekkaji bwasseo
na meonjeo tteonamyeon eokkae deulsseogyeo uneun nae dwitmoseup sirheoseo

* repeat

jomdeo yeppeojyeodo hwolssin deo seryeondoejyeodo
huhoehaji ma nareul nochingeol
nugunga ttan saram mannamyeon naege deullidorok mak jaranghaejwo
geuttaeseoya kkeutnaelge
naege doraolji moreul neoreul kkumkkuneun geu bameul

halmal kkeut annyeong nae sarang


Spaced out, I’m left with nothing to do
Is this what a breakup is like?
I spend a while just reading reading your messages that have filled my phone

It’s as if I hear your voice,
when I look around me
My entire room is covered with memories of you, and now, with tears

* You did well, love You had a hard time, my love
The night you were agonizing over our breakup
That this breakup was for the both of us, that you loved me, I’ll believe what you say
If you’re ever too curious
If you ever miss me too much, promise to meet just once

I watched your back until it disappeared,
for it would be the last time
If I had left first, crying and shoulders shaking, I don’t like how I would’ve looked from behind

* repeat

Even if I become a bit prettier and much more sophisticated
Don’t regret having let me go
When you meet someone else, boast loudly so I can hear
Only then will I end this
The night I dream about you who might come back to me

Nothing more to say, goodbye my love

Credit: hellenj @ WeHeartIU | Edited by: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU


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