[LYRICS] This is not What I Thought – IU

jeonbu malhallae na da malhallae na
eotteoke neo geuraennyago
chamji anheullae na an beotillae na
uneun nae eolgul an yeppeodo

ppeonhi almyeonseo wae mureobwa
jal jinaenyan geureon mari da mwoya
naega eotteon sarang haesseonneunji
neoneun da algo itjanha

* ige aninde wae tto ipsureun wae
sireomneun nongdamman hago utgo inneunji
nappajil geon deo eomneunde
mwoga museowo geojitmal haneunji
geunama neoreul boneun ge joheun geonji

mwodeun haebollae na an garillae na
eotteokedeun jababollae
mianhaeseorado neo doraoge
jigyeopge ulgo aewonhallae

gwaenhi anbu ttawin mutjima
eoridago babon anin geojanha
sasireun da neoman pyeonharyeogo
geokjeonghaneun cheok hajanha

* repeat

ige da mwoya jinsiri mwoya
naega jeongmal wonhan ge mwoya
kkeutkkaji wae nan neoegematchul su bakken eomneun geoya

igeon aninde jeongmal anin geonde
idaero kkeutnal saineun anin geojanha
nareul jom bwa na uljanha
naega ulmyeoneun mam yakhaejyeotjanha
naega ireoke soljikhi malhajanha

naega apeujanha
igeon anijanha


I’ll say everything, I’ll say it all
Saying ‘how could you do that?’
I won’t hold back, I won’t fight it
Even if my crying face isn’t pretty

You know perfectly well, so why do you even ask?
Asking ‘How have you been?’, what are such words?
You know all too well
what kind of love I gave

* This is not what I thought, but why, why are my lips
saying only rubbish jokes and smiling
It can’t get any worse,
so what’s still scaring me into telling lies?
Is it that despite everything, it’s good to see you?

I’ll try anything, I’ll do anything
No matter what, I’m holding on
Even if it’s to make you come back only because you feel sorry
I’ll cry and beg until it wears me out

Don’t ask how I’m doing for no reason
Being young doesn’t make me a fool
In reality, you’re only pretending to care
just so you can feel comfortable

* repeat

What is all this? What’s the truth?
What is it that I truly want?
Until the very end, why is it I can’t help but adjust to you?

This is not what I thought, it’s really not
We can’t just end it like this
Take a look at me, I’m crying
You used to give in whenever I cried
I’m saying this truthfully

I’m hurting
This is not what I thought


Credit: hellenj @ WeHeartIU | Edited by: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU


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